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I am a designer, researcher, and strategist.

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My name is Seph.

Senior Designer -


As a maker-minded kid,

I was plagued with a constant urge to understand why and how. Why do I see fireworks before I hear them? How could I make this snow fort impenetrable? How can I make this thing go faster? My studies helped answer many of these questions, but also sparked a plethora of new curiosities. How can society advance if so many people still live without access to basic essentials? How can design be an agent of change for the many?

As a cross-disciplinary designer,

I live at the intersection of tangibility, strategy, and experience. I believe that successful, transformative design results from deep collaborations focused on elevating the desires of users while acknowledging contextual constraints. Transforming ambiguity into insights I conceptualize new products, map organizational service structures, and design sector-shifting strategies.



I developed my craft through…
San Francisco

— Social Impact Design
— International Client Mgmt.
— Design For Scale

M.S. Design Engineering
Northwestern University

— Human-Centered Design Process
— Visual Storytelling
— Design For Manufacturing

B.S. Physics
Loyola University Chicago

— Deductive Reasoning
— Systematic Problem Solving
— Analytical Evaluation



I have worked at, with, or for…



I believe…

design is not merely the aesthetic manifestation of user feedback or the progression of interactions present as someone engages with a service. At its best, design translates a holistic understanding of stakeholders’ struggles, needs, constraints, abilities, and opportunities into applicable and highly desirable offerings at both the micro and macro level. When appropriately channelled, the process of design has the power to redefine limitations and inspire new approaches to life.